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All scripts are free and in the public domain — Enjoy!

Download the scripts and presentations for the SANS course SEC505 (Securing Windows and PowerShell Automation)

The above link redirects to GitHub to a zip file containing folders named after each day of the SEC505 course.  The zip also includes the evening presentations by Jason Fossen (look in the \Extras folder), such as the "Windows Exploratory Surgery with Process Hacker" talk and the "What's New in Windows?" talk. There are hundreds of PowerShell and VBscript scripts in the zip file; please browse or search by keyword.

On Twitter and LinkedIn, follow @JasonFossen to receive alerts for new SEC505 PowerShell scripts and blog postings related to Windows security. is a quick link to the GitHub site for SEC505 too.



* Please note that all scripts, tools and files are offered "AS IS" without warranties or guarantees of any kind; use at your own risk. Scripts are in the public domain, no rights reserved. Presentation files may be redistributed, used or displayed without limitation as long as the contents are not modified.