Network Security 2019

  • 45+ Cyber Security Courses
  • Course Topics Include: Cyber Defense, Critical Security Controls, Ethical Hacking, Cloud Security, Pen Testing, DFIR
  • "The real-world, practical examples paired with an instructor who clearly knew the subject matter inside and out made this training invaluable." - Theresa Hanks, Booz Allen Hamilton

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    SANS Institute's professional, online information security training platforms OnDemand and vLive allow you to complete world-renowned courses anywhere, at any time. Get an iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard or HP ProBook or take $350 off OnDemand or vLive training for a limited time!

    Purple Team Summit & Training

    Dallas, TX | Oct 21-28
    The two-day Purple Team Summit will explore practical uses of threat emulation tactics, detection capabilities, and security controls. Leading experts will draw upon their own experiences and share current purple team concepts that you can implement within your own security program. Following the Summit, go in-depth with a closely aligned SANS Course.

    SEC545: Cloud Security Architecture and Operations

    As more organizations move data and infrastructure to the cloud, security is becoming a major priority. The SEC545 course will help you understand all major facets of cloud risk, cloud architecture and security design. All OnDemand courses give you 4 months of anytime, anywhere access to course content, quizzes, labs, and SME support.

    San Diego 2019

  • 10 Cyber Security Courses
  • Cyber Defense NetWars Tournament: Oct 10-11
  • “This training is valuable to me, because I can apply all the things I've learned in class to my job.” - Genie-Rose Luluquisin, Sempra Energy
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    Mission Statement

    It seems wherever you turn organizations are being broken into and the fundamental question that everyone wants to know is Why? Why do some organizations get broken into and others do not. Our mission is to teach you the right things that need to be done to keep an organization secure.

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    Security is always changing and SANS recognizes that after class students will still need to learn. The SANS Computer Security Community offers information security professionals an opportunity to learn, discuss, and share current developments in the field outside of the classroom. It also provides information regarding security training, certification, and events.

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