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Cyber Defense Initiative® 2018

Dec 11 - 18 | Washington, DC
  • NEW courses covering SIEM, OSINT Gathering and Analysis, Defensible Security Architecture, Purple Team Tactics, and more!
  • Additional Course Topics: Cyber Defense, Cloud Security, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, Secure Development, Security Management, and ICS/SCADA Security

    Security East 2019

    Feb 2-9 | New Orleans, LA
  • Challenge your skills at Core, Cyber Defense, or DFIR NetWars - Feb 7 & 8
  • NEW courses covering SIEM, Defensible Security Architecture, and Managing Security Vulnerabilities
  • Take relevant training that will prepare you to meet today's threats and tomorrow's challenges

    New Course: Open-Source Intelligence Gathering and Analysis

    You will learn current, real-world skills in the following:
  • Understand the data collection life cycle
  • Create your own OSINT process for Intelligence purposes
  • Effectively gather and analyze OSINT data from the Internet

    New Course: Defensible Security Architecture

    You will learn current, real-world skills in the following:
  • The fundamentals of up-to-date defensible security architecture
  • Maximize existing investment in security architecture by reconfiguring existing assets
  • Determine capabilities required to support continuous monitoring of key Critical Security Controls
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    Mission Statement

    It seems wherever you turn organizations are being broken into and the fundamental question that everyone wants to know is Why? Why do some organizations get broken into and others do not. Our mission is to teach you the right things that need to be done to keep an organization secure.

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    Security is always changing and SANS recognizes that after class students will still need to learn. The SANS Computer Security Community offers information security professionals an opportunity to learn, discuss, and share current developments in the field outside of the classroom. It also provides information regarding security training, certification, and events.

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