Cyber Defense in the News

March 18, 2015
How to prevent firewall failures with proper testing and maintenance

January 27, 2015
Industry Expert, Paul Henry on how to implement VMware border router ingress and egress filtering

January 19, 2015
Mini risk assessments: Simplifying protection of critical assets

January 7, 2015
Paul Henry joins Midpoint to Discuss Cyber Attacks

December 26, 2014
SANS Cyber Defense Instructor and Industry Expert Paul Henry discusses the Sony Hacking Scandal on WXEL

December 26, 2014
Learn How to Protect Yourself from a Cyber Attack - WXEL interviews Paul Henry about the latest cyber-attacks and their impact on the financial sector, personal finance and more.

December 29, 2014
Using secure network tiers to bolster network security rules

December 5, 2014
CIOs and CISOs Can Learn From the Massive Sony Data Breach

November 24, 2014
NetworkWorld: 5 ways to escape password hell

November, 2014
SearchSecurity: Using crypto-free zones to thwart advanced attacks

October 24, 2014
Forbes: Operational Resilience - Not Just Technology Security - Drives Competitive Advantage

October 06, 2014
CSO: Three scary, but true, security tales

September, 2014
SearchSecurity: How to build complex passwords and avoid easy breaches

September 15, 2014
CSO: Why retailers like Home Depot get hacked

September, 2014
SearchSecurity: The case for NAC-based continuous monitoring for attack detection

September, 2014
SearchSecurity: Security that works: Three must-have enterprise security fundamentals

June 26, 2014
Associated Press: T1red of p@sswords? Y0u @re N*t @lone!

April 25, 2014
ComputerWeekly: Cyber threat detection paramount, says SANS fellow

April 10, 2014
infosecurity: SANS Eric Cole Gets Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame Nod

April 2, 2014
FierceCIO: Rise of the CSO: a CIO's power threat or job savior?

March 11, 2014
CIO Insight: The Complicated Relationship Between CIOs and CSOs

March 7, 2014
Network World: Focus on fundamentals to reduce data breaches, expert advises