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Attend SEC505 in Denver (Oct 12, 2017) and get a free PowerShell book

Welcome Gift for SEC505 Attendees Coming to Denver (Oct 12, 2017)

Are you attending the Securing Windows and PowerShell Automation (SEC505) course at the Denver DevOps Summit starting October 12, 2017?

SANS will have two welcome gifts for you as a supplement to your SEC505 training: Windows PowerShell In Action: 3rd Edition (Payette & Siddaway) and The Phoenix Project (Kim, Behr & Spafford).

"SEC505 is primarily a security course, not a programming course," said Jason Fossen, the author and instructor of SEC505, "so it's nice for attendees to have a PowerShell language reference at hand when they return home from the conference. And The Phoenix Project is probably the most famous introduction to DevOps ever printed, and a novel!"

A six-day course on nothing but PowerShell would be too exhausting. And a Windows security course without PowerShell would be terribly incomplete. So the SANS Securing Windows and PowerShell Automation (SEC505) course aims to strike the right balance. (Check out the SEC505 course outline to see what is covered.)

Thank you for registering for the event — Jason and the SANS Conference Team are looking forward to seeing you in Denver, Colorado!


[Please Note: The promotion is only for SEC505 attendees in Denver, not other events.]