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Our customer partners who guided us in the development of this program insisted that to be effective, the training needs to be able to address new real-life situations as they arise. That is why the SANS Security 464: Hacker Guard program includes a continuing education program. At a minimum, four quarterly 90 minute new threat vector briefings and tools updates in the initial annual training fee. The four quarterly 90 minute threat briefings and tools updates equates to 6 course hours, a full day of training per year, with CPEs awarded.

Thus, the SANS SEC464 Hacker Guard -- Security Resources for IT Administrators and Operations, with the Stay Sharp Continuing Education Current Threat Briefs equates to 3 full SANS course days and 18 CPEs.

5 minute sample of Stay Sharp Continuing Education Brief on Duqu:

Upcoming Webcasts
Good Security is a trained mindset -- by John Strand June 20, 2013 Starts: 12:30pm EST

Bad guys seem to have a decided advantage over us using outstanding tools and techniques to break into our organizations. In response, vendors have delivered products which swoop in to try and save the day. But what if good security depends more on a mindset, a process. In this presentation we will review the 5 key characteristics of secure organizations as determined through numerous penetration tests and assessments over the years.

Upcoming Webcasts
Real World Risk -- What Incident Responders Can Leverage from IT Operations -- by Eric Conrad June 21, 2013 Starts: 12:30pm EST

Incident Response teams can develop an early warning system to detect breaches and breach activity before an incident becomes persistent by working with system administrators. SANS Instructor Eric Conrad will show how to break the cycle of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, using the framework of the 20 Critical Security Controls.

Note: There is no need to register for these quarterly threat briefs. As long as you are licensed to access the Stay Sharp Continuing Education portion of the SANS SEC464 Hacker Guard program, you will find access to these webcasts from your SANS Account Dashboard by clicking on the link for SANS vLive.

Questions about the Stay Sharp Continuing Education portion of the SANS SEC464 Hacker Guard program? Send an email with your question to hackerguard@sans.org.

Watch the video below to view the entire Q2 2012 Stay Sharp Continuing Education Update on the importance of providing a security awareness program, such as SANS Securing The Human, for everyone in your organization, when trying to combat client side breach attacks.