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Blog: Cybersecurity & Cyber Defense:

Windows Security SEC505: Washington DC Conference in December 2014

The SANS 'Securing Windows with the Critical Security Controls' course (SEC505) will be offered at the December conference in Washington DC.

SANS 20 Critical Security Controls for Windows

SANS Critical Security Controls -- Deep Dive for Windows (course number SEC505).

Reset Local Administrator Password Using A Different Random String On Each Computer And Recover The Passwords Securely

Free PowerShell scripts to reset the local Administrator password automatically to a different random string on every computer in a small or large enterprise, then save that password in an encrypted form so that only IT staff can view the password in plain text.

PowerShell Scripts to Audit and Remove Trusted Root CA Certificates

Free PowerShell scripts to audit the list of trusted root CA certificates on a computer, and to remove unwanted CA certificates, such as those installed by malware or hackers.

PowerShell Script to Manage Java Browser Plug-In and Java Security Level

A free PowerShell script to manage Oracle Java browser plug-in security settings for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.