Cyber Defense: Author - Jason Fossen

Cyber Defense:

TrueRNG Random Numbers with PowerShell and Math.NET Numerics

TrueRNG is a hardware-based true random number generator the size of a USB thumb drive. PowerShell and C# can easily access TrueRNG as a COM port. Random bytes from TrueRNG can be fed into the various classes of Math.NET Numerics, including the pseudo random number generators built into Math.NET, for high-speed output.

PowerShell for Math.NET Numerics

PowerShell examples for the Math.NET Numerics library of math functions with the Intel MKL native provider.

PowerShell MD5 Hash Integrity Verifier To Detect File System Changes

Use PowerShell Get-FileHash and a public domain script to efficiently detect changes to the file system.

PowerShell Changes for the Securing Windows (SEC505) Course

Exciting changes for the Securing Windows course (SEC505) with lots of PowerShell labs.

SANS 20 Critical Security Controls for Windows

SANS Critical Security Controls -- Deep Dive for Windows (course number SEC505).