Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense

TrueRNG Random Numbers with PowerShell and Math.NET Numerics

TrueRNG is a hardware-based true random number generator the size of a USB thumb drive. PowerShell and C# can easily access TrueRNG as a COM port. Random bytes from TrueRNG can be fed into the various classes of Math.NET Numerics, including the pseudo random number generators built into Math.NET, for high-speed output.

New SANS 550 Cyber Security Course Teaches Active Defense, Offensive Countermeasures, and Cyber Deception to IT Security Professionals

Because traditional counter defenses are no longer effective in stopping malware, viruses, and other attacks-it is a forgone conclusion that targeted organizations will be compromised. New tactics are needed to stop the attackers and go beyond simple "defense" techniques.

The SANS Institute is pleased to announce the newest course available to information security professionals, SEC 550, which is offered in multiple locations across the country beginning with San Jose, CA on July 20-25th. This course is based on the concept that current, traditional, "boxed" defense solutions are no longer working and attackers are becoming more and more successful as a result. In order to eliminate compromises, IT Security professionals need new strategies- and need intensive, hands-on training on these strategies to be


PowerShell for Math.NET Numerics

PowerShell examples for the Math.NET Numerics library of math functions with the Intel MKL native provider.

The 1st Annual Cyber Defense Challenge (San Diego)

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Cyber Defense Challenge Leaderboard 2015


Coming soon the Leaderboard for the SANS Cyber Defense Challenge.

To compete in the challenge send an email to and put I want to compete in the challenge the subject line.