Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense

PowerShell for Math.NET Numerics

PowerShell examples for the Math.NET Numerics library of math functions with the Intel MKL native provider.

The 1st Annual Cyber Defense Challenge (San Diego)

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Cyber Defense Challenge Leaderboard 2015


Coming soon the Leaderboard for the SANS Cyber Defense Challenge.

To compete in the challenge send an email to and put I want to compete in the challenge the subject line.

PowerShell MD5 Hash Integrity Verifier To Detect File System Changes

Use PowerShell Get-FileHash and a public domain script to efficiently detect changes to the file system.

What you Need to Know about Active Defense and Threat Intelligence

by, John Strand

There has been a lot of discussion about threat intelligence lately. The idea is that other organizations who get hacked or attacked should share the techniques and malware used by the attackers with the public to stop it from happening again.

So, it kind of sounds like a more complicated implementation of AV... And AV has not worked all that well.

The reason I say this is because at BHIS we launch a lot of attacks. What we do this week will not be the same as next week. Our customers/targets change, so our tools need to be constantly modified. Most importantly every target is different, it requires us to change our approach and orientation in relation to our attack